Lough Key Equestrian

As we use renewable biomass material sourced from approved suppliers, we know that the material we use will be replanted as part of a managed woodland process meaning that any mature timber is harvested and used by us then more trees will be planted resulting in more carbon taken out of the atmosphere. To make the FeedChar we combust the biomass in our pyrolysis and use the renewable energy recovered to heat the business premises and to use as part of the manufacturing process.    

The charring process stabilises the carbon in the form of the raw charcoal (over 90% carbon composition) but this process also produces renewable energy in the form of heat from biomass that we capture and use for industrial heating. When the charcoal is fed to animals it is naturally passed through the digestive system and into the soil via direct deposition by the animal or captured as organic fertiliser if animals are housed for example in winter and is spread in the form of farmyard manure or slurry as an organic fertiliser. The charcoal provides a structure to bind to Nitrogen in the manure and provide a habitat for aerobic biology including beneficial organisms.

The application of charcoal or biochar to the soil can bring a physical and permanent change to your soil. It improves structure, aeration, water holding capacity, nutrient retention and refuge to beneficial organisms. It also locks away carbon permanently in the ground completing the capture of carbon and can reduce the need for inorganic fertilisers.

In short “A truly sustainable bio economy product”!

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